ILMK! (I Love My Kindle!): Being an Appreciation of Amazon's E-Book Reader, with Tips, Explanations, and Humor

Product Description

Do you love your Kindle? Did you just get one as a gift?
This fun article will give you some humor (Kindle limericks, anyone?), background, and links from Bufo Calvin. Not so much a "how to" as a "why is that?", it's not about the nuts and bolts mechanics, but about having fun and learning a bit more about Amazon's magic reading machine.
This version has been expanded and updated.
Iincludes "The Happy Little Bookworm", "The Kindle Encounter", and "Quoth My Kindle: Read Some More".

Customer Reviews

Great Resource

This blog gives you great info about using your Kindle, as well as humorous stories. I enjoy this blog as you never know what to expect. Great fun!

This was great! Thanks for all of the information and for the fun delivery! This was the very first thing (after the user guide) that I read on my brand new K2!
60% of humor and 40% of tips and explanations

The book is a collection of 74 "articles" that are easy to read and full of humor. Perfect reading indeed: "I love this book! It's a real button-pusher." (Quotation from this book, location 727.)