SGP iPhone 4 Screen Protector Steinheil Ultra Series,iPone4

Product Features

  • Compatible with Both AT&T GSM and Verizon CDMA iPhone 4s
  • Compatible with Apple Bumper Case
  • Prevents scratches, damages and dust. Smudges and Finger Prints Easily Wipes off.
  • Easy Bubble Free Application
  • No Rainbow Effect. Supreme Clarity Guaranteed!
  • Weight: 4.96 ounces
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This review is from: SGP iPhone 4 Screen Protector Steinheil Ultra Series [Ultra Oleophobic] (Wireless Phone Accessory)
 I previously had a Zagg Invisible Shield and at half the cost, the SGP Ultra Oleo film is a much better product. The Zagg will cover all sides, front and back but at the cost of clarity and feel. The Ultra Oleo is so clear it literally looks and feels like nothing is there. I almost want to say it's clearer than the screen itself. The oleophobic coating helps with fingerprints and smudges. While it isn't completely resistant, fingerprints are much easier to wipe off than any other film I've owned. The fit is very precise, speaker and home button cutouts line up almost perfect making install somewhat difficult. Since this is a dry application there is a chance you'll get fingerprints on the adhesive side, especially if you have to lift and adjust. A trick I used was installing it like a wet film, spraying a solution of water and soap and using a squeegee to remove excess liquid. This allows easier adjustment and avoids fingerprints for a very clean install. I only wish they made a rear protector in this model.


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